Contemplating on Corona virus and College Education.

Along with the pandemic outbreak of corona virus (Covid-19) in Nepal, educational sectors too, could not remain untouched. At, present, it seems, virus has become more rigorous and its effect in the field of education going to be worse. Almost one million students are badly affected as they are not attending schools and colleges. Some virtual classes are being conducted but how effective they have become a senior question. Therefore, it is essential to take the appropriate steps on time to face the problems brought by the pandemic in the field of education.
The period is undoubtedly very stressful; though virtual classes are going on; semesters based examinations are postponed till the uncertainty. As universities have gone virtual these days, Educational activities have become less effective. How have these affected students? Will pending examinations be conducted in near future? What is the psychological pressure to the students when they are promoted to next semester without completing previous semester? Do they feel comfortable? Can they give up the trauma of unattended exams and results? Isn’t the calendar of Universities in trouble? These questions are natural as a students but remain unanswered.

It is beyond presumption when the pandemic become normal and our schools and colleges come back to normal routine. Despite the fact, the policy makers must start asking themselves questions about the medium and long-term implications regarding educational activities in the universities. It is the high time for the nation to bring about a new policy and program on education for the during-pandemic and post pandemic situations.

[ Artical writer : Nawaraj humagain ]

During pandemic, both students and teachers are facing problem as they are not friendly with technology. Firstly, many are deprived of gazettes and internet access and those few who have the access, they are also following the same traditional pedagogy and methods. As a result, the classes have become just an eye wash! Class have become online but the nature of the classroom has not been changed. In this situation, first challenge is to how to bring all the students under the access of gazettes and internet and conduct learning activities. At the same time, bigger challenge is how to update curriculum, teachers and students with the technology.

It is believed that pandemic has not only affected the students for studying rather they are deprived of being social. When they used to go in schools and colleges, they used to have opportunities to meet the friends and teachers and they could mingle with them. It used to make them more dynamic and social. But, due to lock down and virtual classes, they are losing this opportunity and are missing badly. How can they fulfil this missing? The question remains unanswered.

In conclusion, students are going through tough experience in their life. Now, it is the high time to ease the environment by making virtual classes more effective ensuring the students that they can do better in this situations. Their psychological problems have to be answered assuring the effective virtual classes and developing proper evaluation system.
Whatever the scenario of an institution in 2020-2021 , the landscape of university education remains a complex tapestry of competing pressures, goals, and strategies. Every setback is an opportunity for change.